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Job Interview: Traditional era vs Modern Era

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We all have seen two sides of recruitments, namely: Traditional recruitment and modern recruitment

Previously in 20th century we used to find for jobs via news paper advertisements, reference of a friend or family member, usually there were lots of hoarding on streets, walls, bus stands but one thing which helped us a lot were recruitment agencies we used to visit them ask for job vacancy and share all details along with our resumes and all the necessary documents as we all were focused much on career as digital media were not available and we used to use wireless mobile phones and telephones whenever need persist.

Comparatively, from traditional media to modern era or we can also name it as digital media because now in 21st century everything is just one click away, so if we talk about job applications, we just go to google search: Jobs in Mumbai; if we want job in Mumbai and you get millions of jobs based on just 1 click, nowadays there are different types of job portal, Many companies showcase their openings on the portal and we just need to click apply the whole process is simplified for us right?, You also get job alerts via email, you are being called by recruitment agencies as same used to happen in traditional marketing as recruiters play a vital role in hiring weather in traditional or modern era.

There is just transition and upgradation of technologies, human remains the same human resources remains the same, nowadays interviews are also happening online with modes such as telephonic and video calls instead of visiting the office and facing one on one interviews, we used to take a bag full of documents after interviews as during joining HR used to ask and verify all the documents but now we just need to send all documents via email or say soft copy is more than enough because companies have also upgraded themselves and moved towards Modern techniques or say Digitalization.

We all know technology changes, recruitment process changes everything changes but still we will always require recruitment consultant to find a job of your fit and guide you till you are placed in an organization.

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